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Facial Cocó Beauty Spa: Our incomparable facial treatment is perfect to help your skin against the sun. It´s refreshing, revitalizing and gives a special relief to damaged skin, moisturizes and nourishes your face.

Tamarindo Nourishing Facial: Our gentle balancing facial is perfect for skin in need of extra attention and revitalization. The skin is the first to suffer from signs of internal and external stress. This facial uses cleansing, steam, exfoliation, hydrating massage and a mask together to restore the skin to its natural balance. Choose from the following:

  • Refreshing Mask with Vegetable Extracts: Highly moisturizing, decongestive and relaxing, it tones and revitalizes skin tissues, creating a lovely sensation of freshness. (Dry and sensitive skin).

  • Drying Mask: This mask absorbs the access surface oil on the skin,it combines cleansing and drying features. Tea tree Oils is the recently-discovered natural product perfect for the care of oily skin.
  • Collagen Mask: Affirming facial mask which provides substances that improve the appearance of the skin.(Special to counteract the anti-aging effect).

Rain Forest Detox & Renewal Arenal Mud with Coconut Oil: This treatment will help moisturize and revitalize your skin immediately.

Volcanic Grey Mud MASK / exfoliating and regenerating: It's high content of silicon and copper reduces wrinkles and helps improve skin elasticity, helping the regeneration of collagen fibers.

Volcanic Red Mud Wrap / Brightening and regenerating: It's main mineral is iron which makes it a powerful cell regenerator and lightening. Its minerals help degrade the melanin and hemoglobin molecules effectively reducing all types of stains, scars and stretch marks.

Mini Facial: A quick 30 minute treatment to cleanse, moisturize and apply a mask. A great add-on to any signature treatment. Choose from the following:

  • Sensitive skin: Aloe vera

  • Dry skin: Honey oatmeal

  • Oily skin: Volcanic mud 

From USD 89.99

+1 Additional options

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Come to the relaxing spa or as us about our in home option and bring the spa to you. A great activity for groups or couples.

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