Spa & Massage Services, Krain Concierges, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Welcome to our Spa services page. Here you will find our most popular in home massages, body treatments, facials and more. There is a wide variety of treatments to choose from and our professionals will make sure you are in very good hands as you enjoy deep relaxation during your stay, all from the comfort of your vacation rental.


60 Minute Massages

Our widest selection of deep relaxation therapies. You are sure to find one that will fit your needs: Signature Massage: 60min A blend of three massage techniques combined into one. (Hot Stone, Aromatherapy and your choice of Swedish or Therapeutic massage). Swedish Massage: 60min Swedish Massage is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension. Deep Tissue Massage: 60min This massage uses stronger pressure, which is beneficial in releasing chronic muscular tension Hot Stone Massage: 60min Combining hot stone protocols with a full body massage provides a very healing and effective experience.The hot stones have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation. Bamboo Massage: 60min Known for its healing properties, this massage works at all levels to balance, calm and energize you physically, mentally and spiritually. This technique uses bamboo sticks, carefully smoothed and in several measures that adapt to the different anatomical areas of the human body. Sport Massage: 60min Massage techniques focused on improving physical performance, prevention and recovery of the athlete muscular tissues. Aromaterapia / Aromatherapy: 60min This Relaxing massage uses a combination of essential oils of therapeutic grade to stimulate the nervous system, achieving improved blood pressure, stress level, immune system, breathing, memory and digestion. Tired feet therapy: 60 min Starts with a lower leg exfoliation followed by hot stones combined with eucalyptus essential oil to finalize with a reflexology massage. 4 hands relaxing massage: 60 min Four hands are better than two! Enjoy the unique experience to be treated by two therapists at the same time. Prenatal Massage: 60min Relaxing massage designed for the needs of pregnant women focused on relieving low back pain and chronic aches; helps to tolerate the discomfort of pregnancy.
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  • 60 Minute Massages

    Our widest selection of deep relaxation therapies. You are sure to find one that will fit your needs: Signature Massage: 60min A blend of three massage techniques combined into one. (Hot Sto...
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  • 90 Minute Massages

    90 minutes of pure bliss and deep relaxation... all from the comfort of your very own vacation rental. Signature Massage: 90min A blend of three massage techniques combined into one. (Hot St...
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  • In-Home Facials

    Try a facial for a deep cleansing and facial relaxation, as well We have a large selection to choose from:  Mini facial: 30 min Quick treatment to improve the appearance of your face, consi...
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  • Massages

    Coco Beauty Spa Massage with Coconut Oil This is the characteristic massage from Coco Spa, a combination of Swedish and Deep tissue massage with soft stretching, using Coconut oil,  fe...
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  • Organic Body Treatments

    Enjoy our signature body wraps and treatments from the comfort of your familiar surroundings. Coconut Body Scrub: 50 min. We begin with a cleansing of the skin followed by exfoliation, intended t...
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  • Tamarindo Spa Day

    When was the last time you were pampered for hours? Our Spa Day Package at our Tamarindo spa is like a “tasting menu for self-indulgence.”  You will leave feeling as if you were ...
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  • Tropical Body Wraps

    Tropical Papaya Body Wrap: Papaya has a natural exfoliation effect. The enzyme papain restores and hydrates damaged skin cells. Your body will be wrapped which allows the papain to absorb complet...
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